erika_mann_elementary_school_08 This space is just remarkable to me.  Our lives are filled with regimented forms and ideals of normality.  A simple desk and school chair will have no adverse effect on a child, nor will it inspire, intrigue or give depth to their view of environment, form and texture.  I could go as far as to say a child learning in this environment may have an edge over those in the standard classroom.  If for nothing other than they have been exposed to something out of the ordinary, and are the recipients of a thought provoking design.

This space was designed by a group of students at the Institute for Architecture within the Berlin Technical University’s Department for Planning, Construction, and the Environment. Under the leadership of architect Susanne Hofmann, the Baupiloten conduct their studies.  The students take part in all phases of design and construction.






Architects: Die Baupiloten Location: Berlin, Germany Client: Stattbau Berlin – Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH Photographs: Jan Bitter


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