Halina and I are thrilled to be the ambassadors for this years Yard Sale For The Cure.  We also tested our public speaking skills last week as emcees for the Media Launch event hosted at Liberty Grand.  We love to hear ourselves talk, and love to yard sale, so we stepped up to the plate and gave it a go.  Us above with Sandra Palmaro, CEO of The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

The media event was a runaway success, literally.  Hal and I were nearly trampled by a stampede of pink clad yard sale competitors rushing to grab goodies 1800GOTJUNK donated.  The night was an example of both the importance of helping and giving to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and how easy it really is to do that.

This event was started in 2005 by Rachel Smith and her family, after surviving breast cancer herself they began what has now become a national fundraising campaign.  Simply, they hosted a yardsale, encouraged others to do so too, and donated all the proceeds to The CBCF.

Halina and I offered a few tips on how to host a successful sale, and then gave the Ready, Set, GO! sound-off for the 4 media teams to race off and collect items placed in mounds around the room by GOTJUNK.  Their task was to procure, setup and price what they thought was the best yard sale, with just 30 minutes on the clock.

There were some crazy gals there, nearly trampling us poor innocent ambassadors as we lapped the room judging their every move with microphones in hand.  We affectionately named the teams, The Designers, The M0mmies, The Man Cave and The Celebs.

The Designers by far had the prettiest table, straight from an episode of City Line......because they were all designers from City Line!  The Man Cave was using the ol' sex sells angle ;) they modified their pink T's and strategically placed pink balloons to fill them out in the front.  Between the balloon boobs and the Bunny Kisses we were impressed.  The Celeb table was all about the marketing strategy.  They labelled everything as previously owned or used by a celebrity.  They had me until I saw Lindsay Lohan's shot glasses for $2.oo, I mean, come one, how can you be sure when the copper pried them from her wee little hands that they were hers. Oh Lindsay.

In the end we picked the Mommies Table.  They were a huge team, and they were smart enough to recruit many GOTJUNK hunks on hand to help lug the big items back to their area.  Their sale was big, it was flashy and everything was organized by category.  It was a good old fashioned yard sale and in our books that's the best kind.

After announcing our winner and passing over the grand prize trophy.  (Thank you Catie from our office for hand painting it gold).  The rest of the evening everyone relaxed and snacked on cotton candy, poutine and hot dogs while shopping the freshly set up sales.

The moral of the story; it takes just 30 minutes to set up for a yard sale.  Yard Sale For The Cure has raised over $1,000,000.00 since it's inception and with your help we can truly believe in a future without breast cancer.

You can host your own sale anytime and donate the proceeds.  You can join us at one of the larger official sites on May 26th and simply donate your items for our volunteers to sell.  Simplest of all, you can check the map, and give by shopping at one of the designated sales.

visit www.yardsaleforthecure.com for details

Halina and I will be in Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto on May 26th.  We would love to meet you all and help you find the best designer finds in the park.  Now get rid of all that junk and get ready to Yard sale!


image credit [Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Ontario]