As a designer that prefers more longevity to my work, philosophically and environmentally, the of-the-moment trends don’t do much for me.  If I have to pinpoint what I'm drawn to, I'd say simplistic forms, rich detail, the calm of symmetry and order, and the soulfulness of organic forms. I know, the dichotomy of the designer brain is a wile animal to appease, but truly we're drawn to perfection be that the best form, of whatever form we're looking at.  Make sense?  

Imperfection in design has become a sought-after feature for designers and homeowners alike. Reclaimed barn board, vintage finds and a celebration of all things organic and singular remains at the forefront of popularity. A tricky balance to strike between the individual craftsmen, offering made-to-order custom pieces, and the mass-market reproductions, two-dimensional facsimiles with forced distressing, mock character and for me, often lacking the very soul on which the movement was started.

Fear not, there are products for those of us in need of available retail options while still answering our thirst for the uniquely ours.  Artemano is a home furnishing company offering their own signature collections. The imperfections of the wood are embraced and celebrated, exposing and highlighting the unique qualities of each piece. No two pieces are identical, made different by virtue of the shape, grain and measurements of the wood.  Their minimalistic, straight-forward design allows an easy application in almost any home or style.  View the full collection here >