Most people know I worked with that full-haired contractor with an affinity for basement apartments, Scott McGilivray but did you know I Art Directed Samantha Pynn's show last year, Open House Overhaul?  I didn't know Sam personally before meeting about the show, but our mutual colleagues in design and television thought we'd get along well.

It was a sort of girly, stylish love at first reveal.  If you know Sam at all, you know she has a warm cheery disposition that's made that much sweeter with her love of pink, trellis prints and blush-hued cut flowers.  During the show production she was knee deep in completing what was to be her own namesake collection for Simons.  I got to see her toiling away at her concept binder with sketches and fabric clippings creeping towards a comprehensive collection curated with Sam's skilled eye for the novice decorator and pro stylist alike.

I'm so thrilled to share that the collection has launched and will soon be landing in Simons stores both online and brick and mortar very very soon.  I say without hesitation that this is a must-see. Check out the complete collection online here >