I love attempting weekend warrior projects.  I haul my son, Hudson with me and we pad around the local home improvement stores looking for cool products and ideas we can take home and tackle family style.  

Canadian Tire has an amazing section online filled with videos for their #YouGotThis contest. Check them out here Canadian Tire How To Videos. There are 5 categories  1) Home,  2)Outdoor, 3) Sports & Rec, 4) Tools & Hardware, 5) Auto.  You can see people sharing their skills in everything from edging a garden to changing a tail light.

I was watching a few this weekend and got jazzed up to try my own!  Here's the exciting part, you can enter the contest by uploading your own 30 second video at: : yougotthis.canadiantire.ca.  

There’s a weekly $500 CT gift card to be won, and a grand prize of a $3,000 gift card. I'm already plotting a new painters hat for the gallons upon gallons of paint I can buy with the prize money! 

The contest is only until Oct 6th, so put on some gloves and show us what you got!

Plus join in this week for the #YouGotThis Twitter party – Wednesday, September 30 from 12-1 EST. There’s going to be even more great DIY tips, and $500 in Canadian gift cards to be given away.


I remember the early years as a designer.  There were a few beige paint mishaps. Lucky for me and my clients I've got to the bottom of how to select the perfect paint colours. ;)

It's all about the Mass Tone (the first colour you see, red, yellow, blue) and the Undertone (the second layer to the colour like a blue-yellow or red-yellow).  Looking for that undertone and working your palette around it will be a win everytime!  Check out my How-To video below!  I just shot it on my phone so I promise it's super easy to do yours too!

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