I've started my holiday decorating this week. I know it might be a touch early, but Santa arrived in town today and if the big guy says it's time, then who am I to disagree. I don't have lots of spare time to agonize over details but that doesn't mean I settle for anything but picture perfect. I am a designer! I know I'm not alone in this me versus my schedule so I've set out to find the best holiday decorations that appease the style maven in me.

I've found a few really quick but uber enviable table top decor tricks. I'm all for solidarity in prettiness so here's my 5-Minute Holiday Cloche. Funny enough I didn't know what a cloche was until my assistant told me a few years ago, so if you're learning it here today, don't feel bad. It's a fancy decorator term for something with a protective cover.

I bought everything for this, including the sweet birdie topped cloche at Canadian Tire from their holiday CANVAS Collection. This will take you under 5 minutes to create, tops!

  1. Take the lid of your cloche and set it aside
  2. Prepare your holiday sprays of choice by creating a loop in the wire stem, and bending them at 90 degrees so they can sit upright
  3. Place the sprays on the base and cover the wire stems with pine cones to hide the loops
  4. Return cloche cover over your creation and voila!

I created this one to sit on my bar cart for the holidays.  I think it's such a clean and pretty way to add holiday decor where my guests will see it. My guests are big fans of my bar cart ;)

Here are the specific products I used in my cloche, but Canadian Tire has dozens of styles and colours of sprays that you can choose from. I love their signature turquoise this season and these CANVAS Peacock Feature Picks were so close to coming home with me! 

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