It's that time of year, again.  The holiday party invitations are starting to arrive, reminding me it's time to start planning my own holiday decor.  I'll be sharing my holiday decorating tips in a two-blog series starting with this really simply classic tablescape look.  I'm a sucker for a traditional red and green look and after a trip to Canadian Tire last week I came home with a car load of gorgeous goodies.  I've shared about their fabulous CANVAS Collection in the past, and they've launched a complete line of holiday decor, serving dishes and accessories in every style and colour range imaginable.

Here's what I used and how I decked out my table ready to host friends for some holiday cheer.  I had a little help from my wee assistant, my son Hudson.  All of these decorations are pretty durable and friendly for little hands to participate.

I started with the gorgeous CANVAS Magnolia and Pine Garland down the middle of the table. It's the perfect base by itself or for adding your favourite colours and ornaments. I slipped in a few more natural elements like the  CANVAS Cranberry Spray that add a great hit of red and incorporated some flameless candles with a birch pattern.  I'm a big fan of the flameless candles. You can leave them on for hours without worrying about them and with a lovely consistent look.

Instead of doing placemats or a table clothe, I ran the CANVAS Burlap Ribbon the length of table on both sides under the dinner plate.  I like the more rustic texture and it ties in beautifully with the birch candles.

I turned the napkin ring creation into a craft I did with my son.  I found these great  CANVAS Silver Metal Ornaments that are open on each side, allowing me to feed the CANVAS Red Ribbon through the middle.  We just tied it off on the back and voila!  You could also add a gift tag for a name tag to the loop at the top and make them a take home gift for each guest.   

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Starting with some great basics will let you be creative with your decorations, reinventing each piece again and again.  Here are a few of my top picks this season that will carry you through the holidays but are also great additions for use all year.

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If you're in the Toronto area be sure to check out this year's Toronto Santa Claus Parade.  A great Canadian tradition now in it's 111th year, this year Canadian Tire, a proud sponsor of the event will be hosting Mrs. Claus on the second last float.  Decorated with their CANVAS collection decorations in the signature teal, it's a great way to get out with the family and get inspired for your own holiday decor!