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We all have our little beauty secrets.  The morning routine that gets us from the mascara-smeared wakeup to the glowy gorgeous state we face the world in.  I'm 38 this year and although I'm not the wrinkled ancient thing my 15 year old self pictured near- forty looking, I do rely on a few helpers to keep looking youthful and bright.

My Go-To Products Include
1. Exfoliating cleanser and under-eye cream
2. Targeted consealer and light overall foundation
3. Smoky eye, jet black mascara and brow highlighter
4. Pink lips and cheeks

My beauty routine is pretty simple, no Kardashian contouring, just a great base with coverage where I need it under my eyes and on any pesky spots, topped off with a light foundation. Brunettes always tell me they can never be without lipstick.  For blondes, that's mascara.  I love me some jet black mascara.  My complexion is fair and a touch red so I like to stick with warm light to mid-toned pinks for my blush and lips.  It's a fresher more youthful look.

I usually add a smoky eye on my top lid so my eyes really pop against the rest of my more soft makeup.  I love the Smashbox sets.  They come with a great overall lid colour, creese shadow and dark accent for along the lash line.  Here's on of my favourites.

Don't forget to start with a great cleanser that works with your skin type.  I still get pesky breakouts and find a mild daily exfoliant really helps keep it in check.

All of these products are available through Shopper's Drug Mart beautyboutique.ca