It's mid October and the landscape is a series of picture perfect postcards with the leaves transitioning to their fiery fall shades. Visions of hot toddies by the fire and crisp sunny mornings make us long for winter's arrival.  What a load of bollacks!  

Yes yes we Canadians and Northern Americans alike love our winter sports and ability to brag come spring of our surviving another one.  What we don't talk about is the irritation when dressing from tippy top to fashionable hosiery each morning only to have all but our outer jacket warmly hidden away all day.  What a waste!

My job as a designer has me shopping, in and out of showrooms, quick lunch meetings then checking in on active construction sites.  Here's the thing about job sites, the services are mostly shut down during the renovation which means the furnace is off to save the dust ruining the system and brace yourself, a lady must do her business out yonder in a frigid johnny-on-the-spot. Gasp! Do you feel bad for me yet?

The lovely part of the job is the seemingly endless afterwork cocktail parties hosted by suppliers keeping us abreast of their latest and greatest.  My days are a touch messy, not particularly precious, a smidge formal and always need be laced with style in some format.  I am a designer!

Behold my beacon of wintery hope, the wearable yet uber stylish outer coat.  I buy them dressier than not by design.  I find a dressy coat can as easily layer over ripped jeans as it does a skirt and blouse.  The well tailored jacket is my secret weapon.  You can wear your favourite converse, boyfriend jeans and jammie shirt beneath and still collect admiring glances when your wool trench is buttoned and cinched.  Trust me, gals, it's all about the coat.

Here are a few of my favourites this season from Ted Baker.  Of course the Londoners know how to survive a chilly hazy day with grace.  SHOP TED BAKER COATS AND JACKETS ONLINE >