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Custom Walnut Living Wall: www.PartTimeUtopian.com

The Living Wall (LW) Series of plant walls were originally created for a large custom stairwell application in a downtown loft.  We've streamlined the design to a size designed for individual rooms and smaller spaces and have them locally made by skilled craftsmen.

The LW series is designed to overcome two issues with all other current residential plant wall designs.  The first one is that multiple plantings each requires their own individual watering and care, and are therefore somewhat difficult to maintain. They are also not designed to be strikingly beautiful.

The LW series from my Part-Time Utopian achieves:

  • A sophisticated contemporary aesthetic
  • Is the equivalent of a medium sized potted plant for cleaning air, and easy to maintain
  • Is an art piece as well as a healthy air cleaner


DIY Living Wall Instructions


  • 1 X white Ikea shelves, EKBY HEMNES
  • 2 X shelf brackets, Ikea EKBY HENSVIK
  • 1 X Vintage Picture Frame
  • 1 X roll metal mesh, Home Depot
  • 5 X MANDEL flower pots, Ikea


  1. Take simple picture frame with no glazing or insert in a style to match your decor.
  2. Staple metal mesh to the back with heavy-duty stapler.
  3. Lean or hang frame with bottom at top of flower pots.
  4. Line flower pots on shelf potted with combination of succulents to add fullness within the pots and a climbing planting like English Ivy.
  5. Affix Ivy stems to metal mesh using metal ties, or ribbon. Stems will naturally grip onto the mesh over the course of a few weeks.


Urbio Living Wall System Provided By: www.myurbio.com Urbio is a modular, magnetic, vertical wall organization system that provides a dependable solution for urban gardening and small space living.

Paint Provided By: :

DULUX Winter’s Day 50GG 83/011

Plants Provided By: : Connon Nurseries 

Melissa Davis on Marilyn Denis Show Melissa Davis on Marilyn Denis Show