882777_10152625186330220_1643086211_o We shared the story of The Twyla Project a few months ago.  A beautiful woman, Twyla Glendron survived a very difficult few years.  After losing her husband, her mother and her job of 20 years, she herself battled and beat cancer.  Unfortunately with no reliable income source and all energy focused on getting strong and healthy, she was dangerously close to losing her home.  Her friends gathered around her, raising money to cover her morgage, and began the process to turn her basement into an income suite, with the idea it could help supplement the morgage costs.

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Twyla Glendron

Scott McGillivray heard about Twyla's story and decided to take on the job of giving her that income suite.  He asked Melissa if she'd be interested in working on the project with him, and she jumped at the chance to volunteer to plan the layout, designs and decorate the space.  The RTR Media and Income Property teams came together with the support of our generous suppliers to create a benchmark rental unit.

Melissa wanted the space to be bright, and happy, representing the rebirth and optimism that Twyla's next chapter will hold.  We're so pleased with the results and it truly was a life changing project to be a part of.  The love and positivity was palpable on reveal day.

Our sincerest thank you to everyone that helped us make this project a success for Twyla, and as always much love and admiration for Scott and the rest of our incredible team.

Please watch our 7 part series on the project and if you're inspired to, pay it forward.

xo Melissa