Discover your Design ID.   Melissa Davis and Halina Catherine are teaming up with casalife, at The Toronto Fall Home Show to create a series of vignettes showcasing six rooms with six distinct personalities. See your personality come to life with these stylish spaces. FHS_150

Design ID

Interior spaces reflect personality and lifestyle. When faced with making design decisions for the home, options can be overwhelming because numerous factors influence the choices made.  With the goal of minimizing the guesswork, casalife and Catherine + Davis Interior Design invite you to discover your ‘Design ID', in an original collaboration that examines the aspirations of six unique design personalities. Design ID educates consumers on what motivates design choices through life’s different stages, from bachelor to baby boomer.

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To showcase this concept, celebrity design duo Halina Catherine and Melissa Davis have teamed up with the experts at casalife to create a series of highly personalized spaces, each representing a unique clientele.

For the budget conscious First Timer, personalizing space is key as décor choices mark an evolution from dorm room to first apartment.  Enter Modern Family, for the design savvy homeowner who wants a current look without breaking the bank. Keeping up with the neighbours is the number one goal for The Joneses, who want the latest and greatest without exception.  Well travelled and refined, The Bachelor’s space showcases the curated and collectable.  Modern Hippy, where up-cycled and renewable is the clear message for décor.  Faced with downsizing, never downgrading, the Baby Boomer wants to infuse current trends with the best from their past dwellings. Downsizing solutions include recycling smaller pieces that are more easily adaptable, and replacing larger furniture with current designs. Vintage-inspired, the Marlow Collection’s chrome nesting table is a stunning update to any space.

Banishing boring walls in the personalized spaces is Black's wall art that transforms photos into stylish, striking and personal works of art.  In addition to the walls being transformed, Sears Home Services will be showcasing it's flooring throughout the space.

Discover your Design ID Booth #1300 at The Toronto Fall Home Show

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