Life's been a bit hectic lately.  I've been working the new TV gig, for Income Property, managing my own design projects that were already underway, and trying to keep up and active in the wild and whacky design world. I've been procrastinating on blogging, waiting for the perfect post. Something meaty to jump back in. Well, that's just silly talk. As we all know, there is never a better time, than right now, Today!

I'm not giving you meat today, but rather some tasty potatoes.  Appropriate for my vegetarian ways.

Here's the meat....

Builder of Good Design

My GC Matt Creelman, whom has been just a whole world of busy the past few months, has just put up a new website. He'll likely be annoyed I'm sharing the link a bit prematurely, but he'll forgive me. Matt is my right hand, and over the past year or so, we've really grown into a fantastic team. An organic match, that allows us together to conceptualize, organize and materialize any project.   He's wonderful and I think someone to keep an eye on for big things to come. In a business not praised for honesty and ease, he defines both.   Have a boo at his deets here

Office Life

Income Property has been an interesting experience.  Interesting in a good way.  This is a team.   There is a body in a chair in charge of every aspect.  A collection of experts, doing what they do, respectively. I had no previous knowledge of RTR the production house, or the team.  I met the Head Creative Jenna, on my old show, as she was at HGTV Canada back then, and that was it.   My design position for this show has had me working in the production office more often than not, and with that working alongside the team. I'm not an office worker. I've only ever worked in boutique firms, 2-6 people. I wasn't sure I'd love the office culture or structure. People I report to, who report to people, under other people. Well, there is a bit of that, but guess what, I did ok.   Turns out bigger offices are like smaller offices, but with a master plan.  There is always someone thinking about how best a job should be done and there is a way in which pretty much everything should be done to make life easier.

As the saying goes, we are only as good as our weakest link.  This office is different because your weaknesses and strengths are not to be swept under the rug.  Here we're encouraged to take personality tests of sorts to figure out what we like and don't and where our strengths lie.  It helps us do what we like to do at work and not what we don't.  Such a civilized idea, no?   The big cheese, head honcho, fearless leader here is something of an inspiration.  The idea that everything is in perpetual motion, seems to have been based on this woman.   As a woman, a business owner and a mom, when I see a strong, nurturing and move-over- slow-pokes type role model, I can't help but be a bit in awe.  This force I speak of has started sharing her daily comings and goings in a blog, and I encourage you to read it.  Even those not in the TV business can benefit from Kit Redmond's positive proactive writings.

On The Side + In The Spirit

I may have mentioned a time or two, that I work with Habitat for Humanity Toronto :) .  I heart them and all that they do.  I grew up in a rural community that had its share to financial struggles.  Everyone worked hard and did the best they could to support their families.  I had classmates that lived in one room shacks with dirt floors.  Their parents actually paid rent for such a place.  While many others celebrated finally having a home when their number came up and they were top of the list for community housing.  For me, Habitat was a natural and necessary fit when I started my own design practice.  They build homes, and provide opportunity for families to not only have shelter, but to feel pride in ownership.  We are nothing without belief in possibilities and I truly believe the children who are able to live through this process with their parents will be empowered.  They will have seen that hope and hard work and positive forward motion, can bring about amazing things.  Habitat for Humanity is an empowering organization.

One of my favorite Habitat events is their annual  Habitat for Humanity Toronto's Gingerbread Build

Join hundreds of other families and kick-off the holiday season by decorating gingerbread houses and creating lasting memories for you and your family. DATE: Saturday, December 4th & Sunday, December 5th

BUILD TIMES: 10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 2:30 p.m.

COST: $50 per gingerbread kit (includes 1 gingerbread house, royal icing and decorative candy. Receive a $20 tax receipt with every online purchase.)

Get more info here >

They also do an Online Celebrity Gingerbread House auction, with proceeds of course going to Habitat Toronto.

I whipped up a little house of my own for it and you could be the lucky owner ;)  I tried to come up with a contemporary gingerbread dwelling, in keeping with my design sensibilities.  I ended up building a barn.  Take the girl out of the country.......

Get more auction details here >

Home Shows

I still need to share photos of the Fall Home Show.  We partnered with Habitat Toronto in designing and executing their booth the "Recycled Dwelling" at the Fall Home Show.  I shared all the hubbub and press it received, but photos are still coming.  The exciting news is.....if you missed it, we'll be back!  We're thrilled to work with the lovely Tina at the National Home Show this coming February.  The booth is getting a redesign and promises to show you bigger and better examples of ReStore product in action, designer style.

Show info here >

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