As a designer I'm always working with a bottom line budget.  How I work to fill all the requirements within that budget is a gentle balance of value and ideals.  I may select a $1200 sofa to save money, but spend as much on a light fixture.  Each piece validates and balances off another.  It's that mix of splurges and savings that create the best finished product and keeps us on budget.

ELTE has long been known for their classic designs and high-end appeal.  What many people don't know is that ELTE has grown in both showroom area and product range.  No longer just for the high-end classic or traditional residential clients, their product range allows a one stop approach to furnishing, carpeting and lighting for a single room or entire house. 

What was once an uptown destination, is now the go-to spot for my downtown clients with modern sensibilities and a keen hold on their purse strings.  I'm telling you my secrets now....

I often spend hours at the showroom, selecting a rug, then a sofa, chairs, mirror, accessories, then back to rugs to reselect when I've over spent in other areas.  My reps their are able to work with me to offer the options in all areas that add wow factor, or keep my prices low.

I've mentioned before the shift I'm seeing in design.  Even the most modern of us are now looking to balance off the rigid lines and cool materials.  The addition of more classic styled furnishings and  alongside the slick modern, begins to soften and humanize our homes.  ELTE is leading the pack with new product lines that answer this popular transitional design esthetic. 

Here's  a small collection of their latest and greatest.  Do go by the showroom, and as always speak with Meghan Smith. She's my furniture sales rep, and really knows her stuff.

ELTE 80 Ronald Ave Toronto, Ontario M6E 5A2 Tel. (416) 785-7885 Tel. (888) 276-3583 Fax: (416) 785-9157

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