Although it's mothers Day and I should likely be posting the standard issue, breakfast bed tray designs and the like, I woke up thinking about my son.  In the true spirit of what being a mother means, I've decided to share a few new designs and sources for children's furniture.   Nienkamper has released their Zoodesk collection, a series designed by Silvio Russo Design World.  Created from sturdy, interlocking plywood forms painted in bold primary colours, these are created for children's libraries and classrooms but individually are perfect at home.  The collection offers desks and stools in the shapes of bison, elephants, reindeer and even giant pieces of Swiss cheese.  Stackable Zoodesk stools add seals, cats with a classic maple leaf in vivid red for us Canadians! Available at Klaus by Nienkamper and online soon through our YDF design store



Shop DX, The Design Exchange store, carries a great cross section of Canadian designed products.  These two have caught my eye recently for a new line of daycares we`re designing.  The Bird Hooks and mobiles below are both available through Shop DX. 

The Bird Hooks by Selendro, at $31.50 each let the utility take second place after cute factor.  I would run a row of these across the wall, in flight formation.  Great extra hanging storage, and a lovely art installation of sorts when empty.  See more by Selendro Design 


As The Crow Flies & Redfish,  Hanging Mobiles by Contexture Design $49.00.  These handmade mobiles portrays a family of crows returning to a communal rookery and a community of salmon preparing for their journey home. Laser-cut from recycled black cardstock and salvaged outdated roadmaps.  I`m planning on showcasing these in two projects right now, a restaurant with distinctly Canadian flare, and center stage in each day care`s reading area.  See more by Contexture Design 



Emeco and Coca Cola have teamed to create the latest in the Navy Chair family.  Made from 111 recycled plastic PET bottles (about 65% post consumer content). They designed The 111 Navy Chair ® to have the attributes of the original aluminum version – super strong, durable and comfortable, but now it's also warm, colorful and about half the price of the aluminum one $250.00.  They expect to use about 3,000,000 plastic beverage bottles each year in production, which will start in June 2010.  The series has a matte finish, classic Navy chair lines and offered in both primary and classic grey, white, black.  This chair is the perfect children`s desk or play chair.  washable and durable, while reinforcing lateral thinking in joining design and the environment.  Available at Klaus by Nienkamper and online in June through our YDF design store