philanthro party
philanthro party

Jessica and I began talking about working with Habitat for Humanity almost as soon as we started YDF.  As far as I'm concerned they are among the most important organizations in our community.  Their mission is simple: "A world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live."

As I work in an industry that often can tip towards luxury over necessity, I achieve a bit of my personal balance and fulfillment through groups like Habitat. 

I grew up in a community where the majority of my classmates came from struggling financial situations.  Community housing can be seen on most rural roads, and make shift clothing exchanges helped a lot of us maintain normality. 

My father built our home himself, collecting cabinets and materials from local auctions and sales, slowly piecing it together a bit at a time.  The electrical was done for 2 cases of beer and he did the plumbing himself :) -  Perhaps not exactly like Habitat, but the sentiment is very much the same.  Communities pitching in and helping build a better life for their neighbours.  A township grant gave us enough to finish and move in.  Carpet and bedroom doors came a bit later, but we had our own home!

I visit the Restores often, searching for treasures, and deals for clients.  The truth is, I would shop there even if it wasn't for a good cause.  I pulled from the Restores several times while working on the marriage Under Construction house.  It was those elements that finished the rooms; gave them character beyond what you can find in the big box stores.

Habitat asked me to share a bit of designer secrets and uses in their current newsletter.  Look for my article in the upcoming Spring Newsletter.

In an effort to show all my designer cards, I am partnering with Habitat and the Restores at the National Home Show.  I hope you'll join me this coming weekend on the main stage. I'll bring you my inside scoop on how I use reclaimed and salvaged materials to keep my projects on budget and on design. I'll share design tips for using Restore purchases as well as share my coveted trade secrets for designing eco-aware.

Join me on the main stage: February 27th, 12pm.


photo [Jessica and I at Habitat for Humanity Philanthro party]