I'm doing a baby's room right now.  Baby and children's rooms can go in so many drastically different directions.  Some parents decorate to suit their own style.  Others go kid crazy with decals, Dora bed spreads and primary paint tones.  The reality is babies have little appreciation for their decor for the first 12-18 months.  My son's room is now and has always been white walls, and wood floors.  A stellar mobile and display area for his toys is all he cares about.  His colourful toys against a clean white back drop is far more impactful than the Disney channel having its way with his room.  His room fits with our style.  A few Diego decals have snuck onto his play area wall this holiday....he's mad about Diego!

Serendipitously I was in New York visiting some friends last month.  Andrew and Christy Zolty are both disgustingly talented creatives.  Andrew and my fella met in Amsterdam while working on a pitch.  They of course won the pitch and became fast friends.  Christy is a fashion designer who has just returned to New York after living and working in London.

Having not jumped back into fashion just yet, I tried to sway her into taking on more home decor projects before she did.  She's remarkably creative and I knew planting a little seed with her would bring about something amazing.  I was right!

The room I'm doing is to have a mural, Where The Wild Things Are style.  The background walls are done in a bright watery blue/green and will be covered with trees.  The trunks will be a bit dark, mysterious as is the story book, and the canopies will stop just below the ceiling.

I wanted a real branch to hang in front. A 3 dimensional element to give depth to the 2D painting.  Something to replace the traditional mobile, that would grow with the child.  What she created is just incredible.  It's 4' long, all covered with hand stitching.  An ugly little owl sits on top, a snail clings to the underside and 3 pine cones droop from the limbs.  It's beyond my expectations.

She suggested a small mushroom stool might be a nice accompaniment.  Again, all hand-made, every detail is perfectly executed.  The underside is puckered, perfectly depicting a real mushroom.  You can see her tiny models loving it!

I suspect when these images get out to the world, she'll be in full-time log production mode.  send me a quick email and I will connect you to her if you like.  melissa@designerfriend.ca

image sources [log & mushroom stool - Christy zolty, Where the wild things are -www.thevine.com.au ]