After months of filming, planning and having on-camera melt downs, the time has arrived!  My new series premieres this Monday night  (Jan 4) at 9pm.  Here is HGTV's show synopsis and a link to the schedule this week.   These air dates apply to Canada only.  US times to follow, begining in March.


Rodney and Natalie have known each other for four years and were recently married last summer in St. John’s, Newfoundland. They currently live in Cabbagetown (a community within Toronto) and rent a room in a place they call ‘The Frat House’ with two of Rodney’s friends. After a year of fun, they are eager to get a place of their own and settle down with hopes of starting a family in the near future.

Rodney, a 6’ tall teddy bear, fell in love with cooking as a profession at the age of 18 and currently owns two successful restaurants in the Toronto area. Natalie (Rodney’s wife) recently moved back to Canada from the US for three years. She’s a health nut and runs at least two half marathons every summer; all while working as a Canadian Training Store Manager for a successful clothing brand.

Both Rodney and Natalie can’t wait to be west-enders again in Toronto! They have set their sights on a new trendy neighbourhood where they are minutes away from shopping, restaurants, parks and schools. They have decided that a budget of $600,000 will land them their dream ‘fixer upper’ home that will work as a ‘family home for the future’, as well as include a ‘dream kitchen’ to entertain family and friends.

Bills. Construction. Living together in their first home and a new neighbourhood. The ups and downs of home ownership. MARRIAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION III is a 13-part docu-soap that follows Rodney and Natalie's relationship, along with the struggles of building their first home together. It’s a personal and physical renovation.

Upcoming Episodes:

Monday, January 4 9:00 PM EST Let’s Get Moving (CC)

Tuesday, January 5 12:00 AM EST Let’s Get Moving (CC)

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