As my main squeeze, Timmy Stafford, famed online, digital, visual, graphic designer and I chat endlessly about both of our ideal work environments, I took a trip back to my friends superkül inc architect's site. 

I've known the principals Meg and Andre for, errr um, 10 years. Yikes.  Andre shared office space with my old firm in the early days.  We collaborated on a few projects back in the day, my old firm and his; two of those collaborations  Encomium Art Gallery, and Distrikt Club, you can check out on his site. 

cover_caninter_lrWe were featured in Canadian Interiors for Encomium [Read Canadian Interiors article >] and Distrikt Club was published a few times.  I digress;  I thought I'd share their own live / work space, a former storefront in Toronto's west end converted into modern work, meeting and living space they currently call home.

 Project: Home/Office, description and images from superkül inc architect

This project is superkül’s most autobiographical project, containing both our home and work environments. The renovation of this main street building reflects the firm’s values: an interest in infill, enthusiasm for dealing with social community issues by example, the revitalization of the city, the creation of additional density on Toronto’s main streets, and a strategic approach to urban sustainability.

The site was originally occupied by a two-storey building with a shop on the ground floor and an apartment above, in an emerging and under-valued neighbourhood in Toronto’s west end. Conversion to Home/Office involved its wholesale renovation and the addition of a third floor, creating a studio office on the ground and basement floors and an apartment on the second and third. The massing and height of the building take their cues from adjacent fabric, as do window proportions and heights. Materials evoke those of its commercial and residential neighbours, tying it into the streetscape within a modernist palette and architectural vocabulary.

The building is divided almost equally between home and office space but is designed to be flexible, with small changes to the circulation and the partitioning easily resulting in a different proportion of uses.

Source [] images [by Ben Rahn / A-Frame Inc.]


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