With my holiday down time I'm catching up on my magazine readings...  My lead contractor Matthew (Matt) Creelman, who's received my unabashed praise before, was featured in Toronto Life's Real Estate Guide 2010.   I actually think the last question they featured was referring to my past praise and devotion notations! It's also hilarious that they call him Canada's Ty Pennington, given the fact I had him in the running for my contractor on HGTV's Marriage Under Construction.  Matt is efficient, practical and honest.  I use him because he's exemplary in a business with a reputation for otherwise.  He didn't persue the show because he was busy.  Taking on this extra project would compromise his current projects. Case in point!

Pick up a copy of Toronto Life's Real Estate Guide 2010 to check out the full article. It's on news stands now.

Source[Toronto Life, Real Estate Guide 2010] Image[Carmen Cheung]