A  new restaurant opened in the hood, and that means Timmy and I have completely valid excuses for eating out!  Joining the famed Addis Ababa, just two doors down on West Queen West now lives Nunu.  The owner, and not coincidentally sister of Aster from Addis Ababa, is an absolute delightful.  This the strips second Ethiopian restaurant offers  a contemporary space, and clean presentation of traditionally prepared dishes.

The design is slick, but warm.  A chat with Nunu, tells us she is behind the design.  She cooks, has a nack for design and was so incredibly gracious, you feel like family.  She's making the rest of us look bad!

The bright white space, has souring ceilings and a long chocolate brown bench running the length.  An oversized window behind the bar offers a view of the pristine kitchen with Nunu and co. at work.  The entire front facade folds open in nice weather.  Floor to ceiling glazing offers amazing people watching all year round.  Nunu made the namesake signage herself. 


I ordered the Vegetarian Misto plate and ate till my belly hurt.  Timmy had my counter part the Meat Misto.  Both offer a mixed platter style of nearly all the dishes.  Nunu makes a desert not Ethiopian, but damn tasty.  A puree of mixed berries topped with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.  It's incredibly yummy.  Every dish was delicious and we've added it to our list of regular joints.



Nunu brought us homemade tea on the house both visits.  A bend of ginger, mint and a few other fresh ingredients.  With a strong use of lentils and legumes, I'm incredibly satisfied by what I think is a pretty healthy meal.

1178 Queen Street West

Image source [compendiumdaily]