I popped into IIDEX/NeoCon this afternoon.  I ate the caesar salad, I wore heels when I know better, and I was impressed by one product. 

There is always a fantastic cross section of the big furniture and flooring players, mixed with some up-and-comers, and sprinkled with student works, and green products to keep us up to date on who and what represents our design future.

I’ve been going to the show for 12 or 13 years now, and as could be expected, it all starts to look the same.  Each year however, there are a few products or concepts that peak my interest and keep me coming back for more.

Christiaan + Planck, is a Calgary Alberta based design group.  The production manager Tyler, was on hand and his enthusiastic introduction of the group and its launch design was refreshing.  They chose IIDEX to introduce their company and The Sentry Pendant System their inaugural design.

I was drawn into the booth initially, because the lighting reminded me of Tom Dixon’s work.  I’m a huge fan of Toms.  His collections focus on simplicity in design.  Few materials, simple forms and quality work. 


The concept behind C+P is that local, Canadian design can and does rank with the international big guns.  By utilizing Canadian designers, materials and industry and adhering to strict international environmental guidelines they produce a formidable product.  Watch your back Tom!

They have not made this process easy on themselves.  Their products conform to stringent environmental standards including reduction and elimination of hazardous substances, use of recycled and recyclable materials, low VOC coatings and a return program at the end of the product’s life cycle…to name a few.

 The Sentry Pendant System gives opportunity for fully customizable suspension lighting. The top and bottom shades are each specified from nine available options.  Made of spun aluminum and offered in powder coated gloss or matte exteriors with brushed interior.



I’m typically drawn to products that can be used as easily in a home as they could in a commercial or hospitality space.  I’m plotting when and where these handsome chaps will show themselves next.

 Sales: sales@christiaanandplanck.com

General Inquireis: info@christiaanandplanck.com