YDFemailer1 I started this blog several months ago, really as a way to feel what it is to be a designer in the online environment.  I wanted to begin writing in the quick conversational style that a blog lends itself too.  All this was in preparation for a website idea that at that point was just an idea.

I had an idea for an all encompassing Interior Design site.  There are many now that can refer trades, offer plan your own room software, sell furniture, lighting, the works, or even link with licensed designers and decorators.  The internet is an incredible tool.  As useful as I think these all are, I also know that as a designer for 13 years, people still prefer to know they are connecting with a human being.   In something as intimate as interior design, in the least you'd like to know the name and credentials of the person helping to manipulate how you use and view your space. 

This want for a personal connection is contradictory to our other want/need for speed.  We're all busy, we communicate via email more than phone (my very guilty shortcoming).  Online shopping continues to gain momentum, even during economic struggles, maintaining better than the physical store fronts.  My 500 Twitter followers tell me it's an online age!

I've taken the concept of an online design resource and looked at it as I would my design practice.  I need to meet my clients, connect personally, gather facts about them and their space, provide design services from simple furniture selection and pulling together of the overall design scheme to full planning and project coordination.  Literally, I'm launching a streamlined, accessible online interior design firm.  Real designers, efficient use of time which translates to affordable services.  

Very soon, you can design or renovate your home, small office, full corporate head quarters, restaurant, spa, store, or tree house online.........  To further simplify, I've pulled together all of my trusted suppliers and trades and as I do in my offline business, I will suggest the products and people that I feel best fit your style, and budget. 

By adding an ecommerce element to the site, you can process purchases from several stores at once in one transaction.   Much like I do offline, we do the leg work and narrow the choices which we present together with a budget.  This chair, that desk, all sitting on this flooring. 

A Moooi light from Klaus by Nienkamper, A series of original paintings from a local artist, and a hand made recycled material area rug from an LA based design team can all be purchased at once.  All pieces we can offer help in selecting, or you can put together yourself.  Send us a quick note, and we will have a look and give you our design approval or offer up options that may fit your space better with no fee .

The nature of the beast that I am, I simply do not believe in impossibility.  As a small town girl with lofty dreams, combined with having been on my own since 16, I  can have a sometimes insane focus.  My friends and clients know me to be efficient and practical, but my old email address which is indeed embarrassing "dreamlovesucceed", speaks to my ideals on a more human level.  

Have a dream or goal, live life in a positive, love inspired way and success will never be far away. 

I share this because it's the root of something I always tell clients.  Think about your ideal space.  Maybe that's a feeling, or literally a glossy magazine shot.  Trust us, and be open with us and you will have it.  It may not be exactly how you first envisioned it, but I promise that dream will live within your space.  If I believed something as trivial as budget or the lack there of, gave reason to abandon a dream, well then I would not be Your Designer Friend.  There is always a way.  Always. 

We look forward to sharing the site with you, and perhaps inspiring you to create that ideal space...

Your Designer Friend, Melissa