I wrote about Zerofootprint, their initiatives, and most recently the ZEROprize  a few months back.  I'd not heard of Zerofootprint before covering the media launch of this initiative.  I've since become a follower and fan of their persuit to educate and bring about change on a local and international, global scale. The founder has a background in software development and is using that to engage individuals, businesses and entire cities with their carbon footprint tracking software.  We are an age of instant gratification and need for speed.  This software allows us to track ourselves and homes and compare with others in our city and across the globe.  It's remarkable to me that the ability to track our jogging patterns and distances has us buying $100.00 wrist bands, but we can't seem to get on board to track our earth fit patterns for free.  We're guilty in my house! 

One Minute Calculator: http://individuals.zerofootprint.net/one-minute-calculators/ Personal Carbon Manager:  http://individuals.zerofootprint.net/personal-carbon-manager/

Mayor Miller helped in the announcement of The ZEROprize, and himself committed to re-skinning 1000 inefficient existing city buildings.  The city strike was not a high point for us Torontonians, but let's remember to focus on the real innovation happening in our city and the support directed on all levels.  In his presidential campaign, Barak Obama set out a goal of making all US buildings carbon neutral or zero emissions by 2030.  Grand gestures!

Several submissions have already been made (below) and I challenge you to challenge others to get involved.  This competition is international and needs to pull from that broad spectrum of knowledge, materials and technology to really reach full effectiveness and in the end make broad movements forward.

About The ZEROprize:

North America’s existing building infrastructure accounts for up to 40% of all greenhouse gases produced in the United States and Canada. In cities that figure can surpass 65%. Older buildings while structurally sound often waste precious energy and are a major source of the greenhouse gas emissions polluting our cities.

Zerofootprint is offering the ZEROprize to the design team who can take an older concrete high-rise structure and, using re-skinning along with other retrofitting technologies, reduce its carbon, water, and energy footprint to net zero while also maintaining the highest architectural design standards.    

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