molteni_c I just received an emailer from Ital Interiors.  I'm a huge fan of these closet and storage systems and thought I'd share.

Thanks to the innovative design of its interior structures, Gliss 5th can be custom designed like a tailor-made suit for every need. Its interior fittings can be moved without touching the fixture screws and make it easy to modify the wardrobe. Infinite configurations can be arranged to fit any new necessity and use the space in the best possible way. Different handles give different personalities to the wardrobe without foregoing the genuine nature of a true classic.  

Gliss 5th no longer relies on the two side panels to support the interior fixtures, but uses an innovative metal back support, which has a continuous series of horizontal grooves. This is not a filler, but a truly multifunctional surface. The back is the flexible support of the whole design. By simply slotting them into the grooves, shelves, bars and hooks can be freely placed inside the cupboard in a number of very different ways.

The interior fixtures are no longer fixed to the sides, and so can be used in a number of new functional arrangements. By using narrower elements, high vertical spaces can be created for garments that normally have no place, such as evening dresses or bulky coats; even skis find a new home. 

 Warm claddings in wengé, natural and grey oak, plus the new lacquer finishes - glossy or matt.  The front opening systems are particularly versatile. The doors come with hinged or sliding doors, or can even be mixed. Get  more  information and see other new lines and products from  BoffiCassinaFlexform, and Molteni & C. 

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