I checked out the Green Living Show yesterday.  I had a meeting in the morning with a potential new client, and they expressed a want for a green angle to the renovations wherever possible.  It's something I try and want to incorporate whenever I can, so when a client is on the same page right out of the gate - I get a little giddy.  There were solar panels, efficient plumbing fixtures, home wind power solutions and enough organic food to choke a cow - or me.  The food tasting area was nutso.  I had the family with me and Hudson's stroller was looking mighty cozy after I ate ricotta gnocchi, three hunks of cheese and goat cheese stuffed and breaded tomatoes.  I did my part to support the Ontario Dairy Farmers.  Then I needed a nap, and an undo of my pants.  Anywho, back to the design booths.......

I took pamphlets for a dozen or so of the above, but I photographed the innovative space designs and reclaimed furniture that were featured.  Here are a few of my show picks.

Breathe Architects had a concept space that was a show stopper.  It represented a quick build summer retreat that had even the luxury lovers admiring the primitive cozy loft bed.   www.breathearchitects.ca


The Timeless Material Co. specializes in salvaged building materials and architectural design accents.  They had a sampling of varying reclaimed barn boards and furniture produced from found and reclaimed materials.  I have a few client now using reclaimed woods, be it flooring or for tables and such.  The character and imperfections give the space real soul.  www.timelessmaterials.com


There were really cool ecopods.  They are modular, movable, customized recreation spaces.  They can be placed on a site for a summer and then moved the next.  They're built from recycled, green and off grid materials.  A brilliant and accessible way to escape the city and do your part for the environment.  www.ecopods.ca


The concept of Green Living really starts in the seemingly small, everyday choices we make.  Here's a quick and effortless tip you can start using today to do your part.  There is a new font design by the Dutch firm Spranq.  The font has holes in the middle of the letters that cut ink usage by 15%.  This saves in printing costs and ink use. The font is free on Spranq's site.  http://www.ecofont.eu/downloads_en.html

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