kids_1 I often have clients look through modern design books, or a few of my contemporary projects and give a snort.  "well, I can tell they don't have kids". The modernist, or better still, minimalist may have a bit of a hard time sharing their sparse space with all the primary coloured stuff that comes with a little person.  I panicked, shuddered at the thought when I was pregnant.  I vowed to not get rid of my glass coffee table or allow the living spaces to be filled with things that don't belong.

I've stayed pretty true to my word.  Not without a bit of effort, and compromise.  When it came to the babies room decor we received allot of heat from friends and family on the wall colour choice.  My house is white.  So too must be his room, at least for now.  I'm all for kids having a say on their own spaces, but he's a baby.  My non-modern pals were shocked at the idea of white.  He needs colour!  He needs life!  You can't do that too him.....  We stuck to our guns.  A Paul Smith inspired rug with uneven bands of primary colour provided the pop and allowed his toys to become the accessories against the white backdrop.


I've put together a collection of modern kid spaces here for a bit of inspiration.  I've included Hudson's room now at the loft.  Again, it's tiny.  It's was the broom and storage area for the previous dwellers.  We wedged his little white crib perfectly between the wall and windows.  His white dresser pulls off that, and doubles as a change table.  That's it, his entire room.  He only sleeps there and I think it should be small and cocoon like.  His room is the cosiest in the loft.

Timmy did a home art project and that clads the wall over the dresser.  He did sketches of him and I, the babysitter Terri-Lynn and Hudson.  He transferred the sketches onto standard wood art boards and added a bit of colour.  I love that Hudson gets to look at all his closest friends when he wakes up.  I also think the characture versions provide a healthy brain workout, making him look with wonder at why they look familiar.


Image Source: [Brooklyn Modern]