I'm in love with my contractor.  Ok, well maybe it's more luv, than love, but these days it feels like the real thing!  I do use many trades and contractors, project appropriate.  Lately there has been one standout star in the bunch.  Matt "the man" Creelman, I lo(u)ve you and your fashionable work boots.

So, what are Matt and I working on next?  The city came to life this week.  Temperatures rose into the double digits, and with that, the patios opened and the backyard becomes the new obsession.  Union restaurant is so heavenly close to completion, I'm a bit gitty.  What spring opening requires, is a back patio. That soon to be infamous brunch by chef, Teo Paul will be served up, out back under the shady tree, with a bit of help from Matt and his team.

Conveniently, we're doing a residential backyard reno in the same hood as Union.  Matt's crew is installing new contemporary fencing down both lengths of the yard.  We're just using a standard 6" pressure treated board, but installing it horizontally and on the face of the support posts.  This is a simpler install and keeps labour costs a bit lower, and it looks more modern.  The image above is an example of this style.  Like I always say, it's all about the details!  Find images of yards you love, and work with the contractor to see how it can be recreated in your budget.  Pressure treated wood is just fine, and less maintenance then say, cedar.  Don't be afraid to dream big!  There is always a way to make it happen....just takes a bit of creative thinking!

The client selected a standard but upgraded, dark grey patio stone that will work well to complete the contemporary style.  There will also be a few design additions to the yard.....otherwise, what am I doing all summer?!  The fence will wrap down and create a long bench on one side, which we'll have cushions made for.  We're also having a custom table built and clad with reclaimed wood.  

Patio splendor happens in this yard.  BBQ's rage, guitars come out, people sing.  Good times happen.  The end product will be a social hub for the owner, and her guests.  I will absolutely, share some photos as we get going...

Back yard updates can be remarkably affordable.  If you need any help, do let me know.  I will send Matt your way.....as long as you promise to give him back!

Here are a few of my latest backyard finds!  There's a metal theme...

benchmetal bench $695 from Filter.  It isn't cheap, but it will stand the test of time! 

12045_pe089408_s3Metal Planters $25-$75 from Ikea.

Tip* Use a few with planted cedars to create separation between exterior spaces


metal chairs $195 as shown from Filter. They will refinish them shiny new, but I like them like this!


metal light $24.95 from Lowes

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