I was by the loft kitchen yesterday and took a few shots to share.  Ken, the tiler was working away along with the electrician and a handsome young chap, in a cutie hat that noted, I should tell people he's 23.  If he's 23,  I really am getting old.

This is the Ikea Applad, black-brown cabinet.  The hardware was special order from The Home Depot and I had it installed horizontally, to keep it as clean as possible.  The tile is from Olympia, and is called Jasper.  I've done it in white, and it's not yet grouted here, but will be in pale grey. 

You can see my custom lighting valance installed here.  I've mentioned this valance before.  I buy a standard 1 1/2" aluminum extruded "L" from the home depot and the contractor installs it as the valance.  It's the perfect size to cover the T8 fluorescent lights.  I also buy them at the Home Depot.  They come with a diffuser, and are available in many lengths, which can be installed linked to each other end to end to suit any application.

The hood will be installed on that open left hand wall over the tile.  We're using a slick industrial style hood.  The counters are ceaser stone in white-grey, the sink is a kindred undermount and the faucet and soap dispensers will be Blanco in stainless steel.  This is an important, but ofter overlooked detail.  Try to buy your faucet in stainless steel to match the sink.  Standard is chrome, and stainless costs a bit extra, but it really does provide a much more complete end look.

Taking out the two partial walls, that were containing the old kitchen has had an amazing impact here!  This project is wrapping up this week so I will share some completed pictures soon....

Here are a few before shots, to remind you where we started just two weeks ago.