Sometimes Your Designer Friend, hears about what's happening in the most around the mulberry bush way.  Sub-Zero and Wolf, are opening a new showroom at 280 King Street East, next week. 

I was invited to the opening, not by anyone in my industry, but rather by my dear friend  Paul Alexander, the famed and talented fashion photographer (as seen on last season of Canada's Next Top Model).  He was invited by a PR firm and in turn forwarded the invite on to me........seeing how I'm in the business and such.  These things always make me laugh.   However it happens, I will be attending the opening and will happily report back. 

I'm thrilled to see growth and expansion in the king east design district.  Sub-Zero and Wolf have long held the titles and reputations as the best in high end and professional series appliances.  The showroom will be a fantastic addition to the hood.  Pop in and check it out next weekend.

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