We had a fantastic and busy week!  Here's a bit of what we've been up to..... Press + Props

YDF received props from Jennifer Wilson-Speedy, the design editor on thestar.com's home site.  She picked YDF as one of her favorite design blog to follow!  We hope you feel the same!  check out her blog  for daily design tips, tricks and resources.

YDF was asked to audition for a design host position on one of HGTV's most popular design shows!  I met the producer on Friday and now we wait to hear if we are selected to do a screen test and move into the final selection process.  Wish us luck!

YDFis working with a Toronto production company to create a series of online design videos.  We are currently in the creative stage and look forward to sharing more soon.  We are redefining how design is brought into your home!  The concept behind the series is nothing short of brilliant and I know you will love watching them.... Stay tuned!


The loft kitchen is under way... Hudson and I went to Ikea Saturday and elbowed our way through the busy aisles straight to the kitchen department.  I've talked about using Ikea before and I have to say the fact I can order it Saturday and have it delivered Monday is another major plus!  The door style is Nexus Black-Brown  and we've decided on a white-grey ceaser stone  for the counters.  I'm having my contractor coordinate the counters and install the cabinetry.  Ikea does offer these services, but whenever possible I suggest hiring one general contractor to manage as much as possible.  Accountability means fewer delays and extras and his pricing is better then Ikea!  If you need his name let me know!  The electrical panel and gas lines are being moved today and the kitchen installation will begin Wednesday.  I will share more progress photos later this week.  My client is relaxing on a beach right now......

Sunday afternoon I met with my client on Balmoral.  Mrs. Balmoral still lives in New York so we need to make these weekend meetings count!  We selected two sofas and reviewed some options for the kitchen stools.  I'm off to the manufacturer today to collect some fabric samples which will be sent to New York for approval.  The entire house needs window coverings so we did one last review of our selections and that order is going in today!  There are a few larger changes in the works like refacing the kitchen and changing the existing traditional handrail to a new glass or metal rail.  We just need to get Mr. Balmoral something to sit on and some privacy on those darn windows first.  Priorities!

We are still working away at the new ravine view modern house, country farm house addition, martini lounge, home office, garage conversion and office renovation.....I will share a few of these in the next few weeks.

YDF home

When we weren't working this weekend on all of you projects, Hudson and I were hanging out at the new loft.  I got tired of looking at the uninstalled cabinets so I did it myself!  I'm famous for doing ridiculous and sometimes reckless home improvements in my own house.  I remember being 9 months pregnant and fed up with a tv and stereo that was on the office floor.  Needless to say I was reprimanded that night when it was discovered neatly stored on top of a 7' high wardrobe.  oops.  So this weekend was one of those "what was I thinking" moments.  I installed the upper cabinets and floating shelves all by my lonesome at the loft.  I installed a temporary strip at the bottom of where I wanted everything to sit.  Then I stood on the uninstalled lowers and rested the upper on that little strip and steadied it with my forehead while simultaneously fastening it to the wall with the electric screwdriver.  I did a bit of a crazy McGyver move inside the big uppers with a wood strip at the top that I screwed the heck out of to ensure it all didn't pull off the wall.  In retrospect doing a two man job alone, with Hudson watching from his playpen may not have been my brightest moment, but it's done!  I slept like a baby Saturday night.  I will never condone this behaviour in a client's house! 


Wednesday March 4th, YDF will be attending the Women's Post event,  Is Real Estate a Good Investment?  at Swarovski Crystal.  Ladies, if you care to join me there is still room.  [Read More]