I'm a huge Martha Sturdy  fan.  Her work is strong in material and lines, but always seems to have a soft, and seemingly feminine edge.  The way she finishes the resin pieces, gives them an almost fluid look. All her work is hand crafted and polished.  Her studio is based in Vancouver. Until now it's been available I believe exclusively through Holluce Cluney on Yonge here in Toronto.  They've always shown several of her accessory pieces and sometimes a larger table in the showroom.  Hot of the presses, Klaus by Nienkamper will now be carrying the full collection.  He will show several larger pieces in his King Street East showroom.  I feel as though I'm all Klaus all the time right now.  My visit this week had me receiving the furniture bus. download from him. Exciting designer stuff on the go.....

Martha's work will show perfectly in Klaus.  His soft seating is typically on the modern, sometimes edgier side and these resin and metal works will provide the perfect accompaniment.

You can see the full Martha Sturdy furniture brochure here  BROCHURE.  The collection will also be available on my site at www.designerfriend.ca   when it lanches in a few weeks!