I've shamefully admitted before that I sleep with my blackberry beside my bed.  Why or how I got into this habit is beyond me.  I'm really quite balanced in general and am seemingly a pretty mellow gal.  So, why then must I have up to the minute contact with the world?  Well, this may be like trying to answer that age old question about how many licks it takes to get to the centre of the tootsie pop.  Mmmmm, I wish I had a tootsie pop right now....

Anyway, last night I woke up at 3 something and decided to have a boo.  I have a couple leaving on holiday tomorrow morning for a week.  In that time I have a contractor lined up to remove their old kitchen, take down two half walls, move the electrical panel, gas line and install a new Ikea blackbrown kitchen.  Basically get all the dirty work done so that it's simply a matter of measuring and waiting on the counters and then finishing the easy stuff like the back splash, handles and hood.  My 3 am email check included a message from the contractor saying, Hi I'm back from my trip let's aim to start on the 4th..... that my dears is a solid half week behind schedule.

Life will not cease as we know it with this new time line, but it will be a pain in my (not wearing skinny jeans) butt.  He's a fantastic guy and unbelievably reliable so I know we will be able to start a bit earlier and work a bit harder to get it done, but that will not give me back the hours between 3:30 and 4:45 in which I discovered just how much I loath the ceiling fixture above my bed.

It ain't easy being Your Designer Friend :)  Ahh, just kidding,  it's pretty fantastic. I'm just sleepy today.....  So I thought I would share some before shots of the kitchen to which I speak.  This client is a young couple in a converted loft.  They wanted a slick contemporary - larger kitchen then exists.  You can see in the before picture that it was really crammed in.  These elevations give you an idea of the new design.  I'm removing the walls that contain the kitchen now, extending the length on the stove side and turning their dining table to sit in the middle of this now large open room.  To the left of the stove I'm doing a section of counter that is mobile in an alternate material.  We've not decided yet but are leaning towards stainless.  Some freestanding cabinets and a wine fridge will slip below, and a few slick open shelves go above.


The idea behind this mobile section is two fold.  For now, it creates a bit of a dining credenza feel, be it contemporary and lofty.  This break in material and style allows us to maximize the storage and space, but still create some interest and a reminder that there is a more formal dining function present and thought of.  The second reason is resale potential.  This client loves the big open space with no clear line between kitchen and dining room, but the next may want that more defined.  This mobile piece can move to float in front as an island creating two distinct areas.  Quicko chango - we are pleasing two potential buyers at once.


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