I don't own any skinny jeans.  I know the fashion mags told me to buy them, but honestly I just don't  think they look good on anyone.  They accentuate the rear and hips even on the skinniest gals and that sales girl was lying through her teeth if she told you otherwise.....there I said it.  If you can pull them off - good on yha.  So as it turns out, I also do not like skinny houses, at least not this one.  It's a good example of how a narrow footprint can be efficiently used, but this was built skinny for no valid reason.  That's just silliness and it looks ridiculous on the lot.   Have a boo and visualize it in an urban street scape slivered in as its proportions intended.....not here on this lonely yard loathed by its neighbours.

This 12' wide home is located in Darlington.  It was purposefully built as narrow, tall and modern as possible as a revenge of sorts.  The builder Clarke Simpson intended on severing the lot and building two homes.  When the community fought and won to only allow one home, they created this as payback. The house is 2,880 square feet with four floors, four bedrooms, and three-and-a-half bathrooms.  Most of the floors are laid out similarly. There’s one room toward the back of the house, one room toward the front, and the stairway, a bathroom, and/or laundry unit between them.   The home is for sale  with an asking price of  $1.125 million. It's skinny, I'll give it that, but can't say I see anything justifying the price tag.  You can judge for yourself....





[source: the Washington City Paper ] [photos: first 2 by Darrow Montgomery] [photos: last 3 by DCMetrocentric]

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