Thank you Dalton my dear for gifting us the day of the family.  Yesterday was an action packed day for YDF.  I bought a new kitchen on Craig's List for the loft.    $700.00 cash for two lowers with stainless tops and integral sinks, two upper cabinets, and four open shelves, all complete with under cabinet lighting, plumbing connections meticulously categorized and labelled in sandwich baggies containing every screw, wire and shut off valve required.  Not bad! 

I'm still not sure why the mail was still being delivered yesterday, but I started the day by receiving my new Stephan Moccio, Exposure cd in the mail.  My friend Klaus Nienkamper Jr. introduced me to Stephan a few weeks back and I fell in instant love with his music.  I have it playing right now in fact.....

So the loft is coming along.  We have ripped out everything that we aren't keeping and after my exemplury Uhaul driving we now have the kitchen on site awaiting installation. 

The layout is pretty simple.  It's one large open loft with a second level extending over half the space.  The second level will be a bedroom with storage and walk in closet behind.  It's a corner unit and has 11 windows wrapping the space- so  Incredibly sunny and bright.

This week the partitions are going up to create Hudson's room downstairs, and the division between bedroom and storage upstairs.  I'm also going to tackle the hand rail.  I had an idea to use a black rigid fabric.  A similar texture to a black roller shade.  I'm going to pocket it top and bottom and slip it over two aluminum pipes that will provide the structural support.  I'm pulling out my own sewing machine for this one.  I am crafty - but do not do crafts.   I'm a big believer in letting the professionals do their thing, but I think I can handle a couple of pockets......I think.

n786625141_5974741_4496We spent most of the day hanging out there yesterday.   Hudson loves all of my ideas - as indicated by his impish grin in the picture.

I was even able to have those soft and sexy eggs at the Drake that I rave about. 

Great day Dalton, thanks again. XO

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