Last week was c-c-c-crazy!  I found myself running about like one of those poor chickens on the farm where I grew up.   I met my friend Blair Chivers  at the Interior Design show Friday afternoon and we shamelessly visited the lounge before hitting the show.  Cocktail in hand we wrapped up our busy week in style.  The show was notably smaller this year.  Years past it was the place to see what's in store for the coming year.  I get the feeling now that it is really far less about showing the design community anything new, but more as a sales tool for mass market product geared towards the public.  Having said that, it's still a fantastic show, Canada's largest of it's kind and I found a few things that I thought were really spectacular. There were the typical booths, tile, hardwood, plumbing fixtures.  I counted four custom closet booths.  The cards I picked up were for more one off pieces.  My show favorite was Groenart, which was a piece co-designed by Al Groen and Steve Euser.  They produced a single chair/table that was absolutely breathtaking.   The piece is hand carved creating the seat as a continuation of the table. 


The 5x5 Design Spaces were the hot spot as is typical at the show.  The Castor guys didn't disappoint.  Their castored-out camper sitting atop green astro turf was fantastic.  Immediately following the Winnebago was the design team of Tomas Pearce.  Their space was glamorous and luxurious and just generally really well done.  It was a sensory overload after having succumbed to the camper mentality. 

Sunday night I popped into Come Up To My Room with the family.  There were a few really amazing installations, but overall I wasn't as blown away as in years past.  I think I prefer the show when the rooms are actually being treated more like rooms as opposed to now where they are gallery spaces.  Anywho, the Jeremy Hatch Room, sponsored by MADE was incredible.  The entire installation was made of porcelain.  It would appear that there were ropes, wood and the like painted white and strung about - from the ceiling, the walls.....but some how it was all done in porcelain.  Stunning.

My weekend was peaceful as was my Monday and today I'm ready to kick some design butt.  My Black berry was broken all weekend and surprise surprise the teenager working the Bell booth didn't know how to resolve it.  Yesterday it was wiped of all its data and today I am back online.  Truthfully, I didn't really mind the forced downtime.  I'm ashamed to admit I sleep with it on the night stand.....

I had lunch with my friend Marco Bresba last week and I will leave you with a video from him.  Marco was a long time senior producer of Book Television at Chum.  Our lunch conversation was incredibly optimistic and inspiring.  These difficult economic times are pushing us all to venture down roads we otherwise may not have and if viewed from the right perspective that's a pretty beautiful thing.  Marco is one of those guys who has his brain hamster running at marathon pace all the time. Mine likes to nap.  He has some incredible show concepts in the works that I think are brilliant in general, but so relevant these days.  He sent me this youtube tribute to Peter Schiff  and his bang on predictions of our current financial position.  Personally I'm taking our changing landscape as an opportunity to evolve and push myself and how I see design to a new level. 

I hope you find your inspiration and do the same.......