I like my pizza and my furniture made to order with my specs, my way.....

Hudson my coworker (baby) and I just returned from a morning at Spot Home. I had a meeting with David Craig the owner, and my Balmoral clients. It was quite a scene, my 10 month old, David's 18 month old, his wife trying to keep them entertained and my lovely and accommodating clients grinning as I update their plan in CAD with one hand and remove Hudson's hand from the power cord with the other. There were bumped heads and little pools of unknown spit up (not all from the kids) - but we emerged after 2 1/2 hours with 3 pieces of furniture and the entire house full of window coverings decided.  Saturday meetings sometimes call for a bit of  "special" coordination.

We're having two sofas and a headboard made by David and we all met to decide on sizes, arm heights, leg styles, fabrics etc. I use David allot. I may see a sofa or table somewhere but wish it was a bit smaller, or had better fabric options. David has a large manufacturing facility on site, so all I need do is tell him exactly what I want, and he makes it for me.

In this case, the client saw a B&B Italia sectional they love, but the proportions were uncomfortable and the sizes weren't perfect for the house. We've used that sofa as the starting point and David is making us an 8' sofa with ottoman 36x30 which will pull up tight to one end creating the sectional comfort without committing to its footprint. He has dozens of fabrics to choose from or we can always spec our own. We found the perfect taupe microfiber from his standard options.

He's also making a headboard for us. The headboard will be 139" long x 48" high and will be upholstered in grey ghost hide. For the bed we're just making a super simple wood platform with a 4" overhang on three sides. I'm thinking a pair of Saarinen tulip based white tables will sit beautifully in front of the headboard on either end. I measured the bedroom and put together some basic plans and elevations of the headboard and David is able to custom make the bed for us and install it on site in about 3 weeks.

The other sofa is inspired by a Crate and Barrel model. The quality and fabics are not up to snuff on the actual sofa, so we are having David manufacture something very similar in a beautiful cream fabric for the living room.

If you are in need of a piece of furniture and wish you had the ability to tailor it to your needs, the custom route is the way to go. The prices are affordable and compete with main stream retailers. Send us an email if you have any questions or needs in this department! melissa@designerfriend.ca

Happy Weekend, YDF's Melissa and Hudson