Here's the latest product review from Designer Pages... A lovely little chair.  An example of how sometimes it's ok to just be pretty.   Let another, less pretty chair hold all the bums.  The tango need not.


Industrial designer Ante Vojnovic’swork “Tango Variation” is a medley of chairs that mimic the the dance form. The theatricality is palpable, and this collection also highlights the savoir-faire of this conscientious designer.  Each chair in the collection is distinctive (for a lack of a better word) however when grouped together, illustrate a beguiling dissonance. The collection’s forte lies in the designer success to bring to the vanguard his irrevocable passion for cultural and artistic experimentation. The fluidity mirrored in each chair contravenes all design conventions and the unique styling is quite emblematic to Vojnovic.

Says the designer: “I am busy contemplating the inexistant. I found through creativity a way of life, inventing a far away world, I keep my distances, don’t want to fall in the norm. I want that far away world stripped from preconceived ideas of the future or career and without clear outcoming, the be guided by one and only path; mine, no sides taken, no cause to defend but just feel the moment. Mesmerized but the excess, the nonsense and the madness, the neutral bores me. - FromYatzer