I'm feeling a theme to my posts today.  something about form over function.  This one luckily has both.

I've been on enough construction sites over the years to know that one must provide a functioning water-closet, urinal or pot to do the business in or they will undoubtedly create their own.  It ain't pretty.

Here is an example from Designer Page's product review which serves both the function while not falling short on the form.  It would be a real delight to happen upon this guy in the next men's room I'm site auditing.  sigh.

A Better Pot to P___ In

The U.K.-based designer and manufacturer Philip Watts Design (they do it all, from portholes to lighting to sculptural handrails) has released two new models of urinal.

Fabricated in cast solid resin, “Spoon” appears just so.  The single-cast construction imparts an exceptional strength and durability, exigent qualities for commercial receptacles. Further, Spoon features pre-cast cavities for plumbing fittings, allowing for easy installation. Lastly, the timed flush control stream enters from the top, thus facilitating a more complete and thorough cleansing than traditional urinals.

Like Spoon, model #2, dubbed “Gloo,” includes simple connections and fixing methods for hassle-free installs. A considerably more affordable choice, Gloo is constructed from rotationally moulded medium density polyethylene and includes a chrome back inlet spreader, as well as a chrome waste trap. On the surface, Gloo may appear to be the poor man’s antidote to unsightly urinals (and it does have a minimalistic, understated aspect), but one soon discovers that this piece has a surpassingly unusual feature: certain models include internal LED lighting, thus accentuating the occasional flash of insight with a multi-hued glow.

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