So the bloody site is taking a lot longer than I hoped.  I've accepted the fact it will launch.......when it's done.....which will be soon.......I promise (hope)! We've started working with several clients offline, using the fee structure and format that we will online.  It's been a really interesting way to test the process.  I have to say, it just feels right.  It's a testament to the fact instincts and bottom line thinking can coexist...

This is how it works, and how we now structure our residential projects.  We don't charge a design fee for product sourcing and selection.  We recommend options based on client's site photos, room sizes, inspiration shots etc. and we coordinate the sale so that wherever you end up purchasing from passes the designer discount or referral fee on to us.  We are paid by them, you pay retail as you would have.  We offer our expertise on scale, style, sources and colours for free.  It's a win - win, and I have to say it just feels like all is as it should be. 

We're doing several projects in this way now from simply selecting a desk for a home office to furnishing an entire house on Balmoral.  That's the beauty of it, it doesn't discriminate based on budget or ability to pay an upfront fee. 

If you need anything, send me an email and we'll help source it.  Let us help coordinate the sale, or whenever you are purchasing, let me know.  we will offer our two cents and make a percentage from the store.

As I've mentioned before this is also true for commercial projects.  I've set up relationships with dealers who supply all of the commercial office products and can give you advice, floor plans, multiple options for workstations, custom reception desks, boardroom furniture.....anything required.  All for free!  No design fee for selections and basic layouts on commercial projects.  wowza!

If you do need us to do some basic room layouts, we will do that for a small fee starting at $199.00 per room.

We of course still offer full service design and construction documentation for residential, commercial and hospitality projects.  We are currently knee deep in a fantastic lounge in Belleville, a large residential addition north of the city and commercial planning services for the Park Hyatt Toronto.

Email me with any questions!  I promise no question or need is too small and we would love to hear from you.