All in One Furniture - The Unit Has A Kitchen, Table, Fridge & Bathtub The motivation behind designer's Philippe Malouin's The Unit is the fact that the average European flat ranges from 30 to 50 square meters.

 Since space has become a luxury, the furniture must be ultra… [More]


Porsche Designed Kitchen For Men (GALLERY)The designers at Poggenpohl and the Porsche Design Group have released their concept of a kitchen designed for men. The kitchen is sleek, functional and sure to spice up your loft. Even more exciting… [More]



 Small-Space Cooking Solutions - Kitchen Works in a Drawer -  This Kitchen Works in a Drawer portable mini kitchen might not be sufficient for the likes of Bobby Flay or Mario Batali, but it’s perfect for small-space apartment dwellers for whom every spare inch is… [More]



 Airplane-Inspired Home Decor - The 'Flight Kitchen' (GALLERY) The 'Flight Kitchen' concept design is based on the aerodynamic shape of an airplane wing. Created by Franco Pelosi Design Lab, the aerofoil shape and ultra-modern lime green and black colors make its… [More]



Revolving Circular Kitchens Why bother with a traditional kitchen when you can 'hip up' your loft with a revolving circular kitchen? The Original Circle Kitchen is an award winning kitchen design from CC Concepts in New Zealand.… [More]





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