dsc_8095 I'm working with a client in Prince Edward County on his new house. He purchased the lot a few years back and moved into the existing cottage.  It's a waterfront location with a view of the city across the way.  He knew what he wanted and had a solid vision of what his ideal home would be in the end.

He hired a local builder Geertsma Group to complete the design build.  When he contacted me they had just hauled the old cottage away and were set to lay the foundation.  That was in October!  These pictures are from boxing day and as you can see they are nearing completion; he is set to move in by months end.  They have done a remarkable job.  Just over 3 months for a new home from the ground up and built from the clients custom specs .  These deadlines are not unheard of in large developments but this was a custom home.  Great work! 

They had some very strict deadlines laid out that speak to how long they've been doing this.  The cut offs for plumbing specs, kitchen order even paint colours were within 2 weeks of the ground breaking.  It is the professionals job to outline deadlines and leave no room for variance without making it crystal clear what the repercussions will be.  It's a part of the job that many find difficult but wavering on these lead to budget increases and delays.

A common scenario has a client that is not proactively making decisions.  Too many options, not enough options; Debbie and Sarah use to love Kohler but now they like American Standard.  It's tough!

It's obvious to everyone that things are behind due to those delays however it is rarely truly the clients fault.  The project manager must manage!  If the client is having difficultly than the PM has to step in and assess why and do what needs to be done to make it happen.  When the final deadline comes and goes there will undoubtedly be a frustrated client asking why the process was allowed to go off track.

Geertsma set deadlines and pushed, prompted and not so gently nudged to ensure everyone involved stayed on track.  The result is a project finished on time, on budget and one very happy client.

Regardless the scale of your project, do a bit of homework, talk to friends, ask us at YDF and hire a professional that you trust.  Allow them to manage the process for you.  Be upfront about your true budget and deadline expectations and allow the team to lead the project toward those deadlines.