I figured since I'm dreaming about traveling right now, I might as well put my research to use.  Here are some of Trend Hunter's articles on varying hotels for varying reasons.  They are all in my blog because the designs are either fantastic, horrible or just plain interesting.  The Cancun resort looks pretty fantastic......will dream about that one tonight.  Bookmark this post and follow each link when you have time.  Each link has a small article from Trend Hunter on the featured hotel and they're worth a peak.  A few places you definitely won't find on Expedia or the like....

I met one of the key investors of the underwater hotel oh, maybe a year and a half ago or so.  He was in Toronto checking out the local market, and meeting about a few potential real estate deals.  He showed me some conceptual drawings back then and I'll never forget the ease in which he talked about the underwater aspect.  It was something to the effect of - we asked the designer to think of something new and he said hey, no one is building a hotel under water -  and that was that.  

There was an article on the Hotel of Doom in North Korea.  I didn't include it since it was not in keeping with where I wanted my holiday dreams to go.  Google it if you're interested.  It's a monstrous ugly building that construction halted on in '92 leaving it looming over the city abandoned.  Guess what, construction is starting back up!  I only know two guys who actually chose to holiday in North Korea and I doubt it's on their list of do-overs but perhaps a place to consider in say 2012....


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