As always if you see something you like, or want info on just send me a message.  I will source it for you or direct you to who can.  Enjoy! Featured Products from 3rings 

Wave by Iosa Massimo GhiniWave by Iosa Massimo Ghini

If you're an astute observer of architecture and design—and if you're reading this blog, I know you are—chances are that at some point you've been deep inside the cavernous recesses of a Gothic Church, or a Venetian Palace, or perhaps the home of some cultural luminary like Martha Stewart or Steve Jobs, and mentally remarked... more   


Christine, the Strawberry Girl Christine, the Strawberry Girl

The finalists for the Niche 2009 awards have been announced, so we thought we'd highlight one designer in the furniture category, the art furniture builder based in Montreal, Alain Belanger. If you're unfamiliar with Niche, it is the magazine for American and Canadian craft, and you can find lots of products therein that challenge the art/design divide. Christine is... more

 Legnomobile Legnomobile

Argentinian-born, Zurich-based Alfredo Haberli continues his design work with Alias by introducing a new line of modular furniture entitled Legnomobile. Available in three sizes, as a chest of drawers and a wardrobe, Legnomobile is composed of two elements stacked on top of a plank with polished feet. Each component of the system can be dismantled and interchanged, making ... more

 Washi Architectural Panels Washi Architectural Panels

If you're among those who occasionally tire of the harsh geometry and unyielding contours of much contemporary design, you might enjoy a brief sojourn to the Far East, home of the naturalized minimalism of Zen Gardens and the high-ceilinged expanses of Kansai architecture. Though it's always perilous to ascribe an aesthetic to an entire culture, most Japanese designers rever... more

 Rek Rek

As you might have guessed from so many of my other posts, I can't get enough of Dutch designers. Another thing I love to cover is bookshelves: see Matching Tree and Cave Pet's for starters. [via Dezeen] So it is with great pleasure that I bring you Rek, a zigzag-shaped bookshelf designed by Rotterdam-based Reinier de Jong. Not only does Rek bring together two of my obses... more

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