inspirations-studio There's a studio sale happening tomorrow.  Typically I'd just add it into the events calender and Bob's your uncle.  This one deserves a bit more attention.  Inspirations Studio is a micro-business incubator program for low-income women.  The work ranges from painting and sculpture to pottery and jewellery.  I had a look through their web site and I was struck with that familiar pang of reality.   I'm not proclaiming these women to be the best in their field, but there is some real heart behind the work, and I'm genuinely in love with a few pieces.  Some of the sculptures are reminiscent of a collection I saw at The Power Plant last year.

The Birk's silver piggy bank is a classic, the Tiffany's porcelain duck bank is my typical pick, but I have to say, Dey Taylor's pottery piggy is now my favorite.  I had a somewhat heated discussion over brunch today.  It's common topic in our house.  What makes art, art.  I tend to put far more value on the intellectual value than the material or social values.  Meaning, if there was a clear process, a rationale or lack of rationale, but complete emotional submission to the work, than in my opinion it's art.  I don't need Sotheby's to tell me it's a collectible or Tiffany to carry the jewelry line for me to think it worth the price tag.  We live in a fickle time, perhaps a little free thought and appreciation of  "real" value could prove to be very valuable over the next few months. 

I'm often asked the cliche question, "How do I make my house a home?".  Beyond the obvious accessorizing and addition of new drapes, hanging of art,  my resounding answer is always we need to make it more personal.  I have an alabaster box I bought up north with a girlfriend Halina. I always think about that trip, and the VW bug we rented when I look at it.  In the dining room, I have a series of paintings we found in an antique market; a wife painted over the years by her artist husband, and now loved by us as they once were by her.  My new addition will be one of Dey's piggy banks.  The point is don't always buy because it was reviewed as the best.  Buy because you found it on a Wednesday, and you loved the little store you found it in. 

There's a real talent to be found in these women.  The definition and basis of that talent I'll leave up to you.  I hope you are all inspired to step outside of the farmiliar.  You may not come home with any pottery, but I promise, you will have enjoyed the process.

The sale is tomorrow 9am - 5pm at Metro Hall, 55 John.