blair chivers

Today my friend, and art supplier is having his annual open house.  I popped in as it began to have a look at what he's been up to, and chat about the art rental I'm working on.  His studio is lovely; nearly all white, from the Mac, to the sofa, to the drape that conceals the kitchen.  He lives and works in this space.  It always feels like such an honor when allowed to witness an artist in their lair.   How fantastic it must be to wake each morning, and pass the pollock-like scattering of paint drops on the floor, while on route to reheat the Tim Horton's coffee..... 

I could live in an entirely white space as Blair does, and for the most part I do.  I'm inspired by colour, nature, traffic, other design......everything, but I like to retreat to a clean palette.  I suppose us artists  and designers spend so much time whirling ideas about all day that when in our homes and work environments we need an escape.  Anyway, he has some wonderful new works and I'm excited to get your reactions on them once YDF is launched.  I've mentioned Blair Chivers  before.  His work is not found in galleries, he creates art with the idea that it should be accessible to the masses and changeable like fashion.  Because he thinks it to be changeable and trend oriented it really does become a gauge of the time.  A piece purchased 5 years ago can instantly speak to what colours were on the runway that season, or what images and symbols were being used.  He's quite humble about the entire thing but between you and me, has the makings of the next great shake up in our art world ideals.

I left his studio to come in and catch up on some of the site inputting here at the office.  In a moment of distractedness I wandered into the boardroom to look out the window.  The view here is amazing.  I look down at Roy Thompson Hall and the adjacent courtyard and watch all the bustle of cars and ants.  I was feeling rejuvenated and decided to get back to work.  As I turned I saw a collection of Blair's art on the wall, and stopped to read them for the first time.  Each piece had an image and a phrase or quote.  Some ironic, some mindful and all inspiring.  I'm working out of a friends office right now.  There are several companies under one roof and the environment lends itself to discussions and joint ventures.  Generally it's where the great minds come to meet.  I became very aware of the room I was in and all the greatness that had occurred there and all that is to come.  I felt very lucky that all of my choices so far had brought me to this place and time.  Sometimes the seemingly irrelevant moments can be the most defining.

Wishing you all an inspirational weekend.  Here are a few of Blairs current works to get you started.  Read his current Art Recipe if you have time [Read Recipe].