I'm doing some art consulting for an office right now.  Not so much consulting, but more picking, as it's not my specialty.  I'm working with galleries and other professionals to select works that are in keeping with the design and company vision.  Several galleries as well as the AGO have an incredible rental program available.  Most people have never heard of such an animal.  Renting art I say?  Galleries have a collection of works by varying artists on hand that are framed and being stored.   They will rent those works for a small percentage per month, the norm being 3% of the purchase value.    The notion that you can rent art and photography before committing to buy in itself is fantastic, however there is another layer to this service that really makes it accessible.  Galleries will apply some or all of the rental fee towards a purchase.  What this means is that you could fill your space with rented art for several months and then simply have them come to collect the works but keep your favorite.  You get a house full for months as a bonus to the piece you wanted to purchase anyway. 

This process can still be quite intense, visiting galleries, sorting through literally thousands of images.  The AGO has a rental  and purchase gallery who will handle this process for you.  They are agents for innumerable galleries.  You can go to them with an idea of your aesthetic and budget and they connect you with one of their selectors to find the works that best fill your needs.  They do have a small collection on hand which are loans from other galleries, however the beauty is that they work closely with each gallery keeping a data base of their works and will connect you with the most appropriate pieces from the gallery that best fits.  Their rental rate is 4%, but can go as low as 2% with a higher volume.  They will also apply 3 months of rental fees towards a purchase.

I've gone direct to some galleries for this project and also worked with Pamela from the AGO Rental and Sales Gallery.  With really very little effort I was able to pull together art, custom selected for a 20,000 sq ft office who will in turn be able to apply their rental fees towards an art investment.  

There will be an affiliate program on Your Designer Friend linking with galleries and other such services.  We will always be available to help answer any questions from a design perspective but more importantly we know what services and professionals exist to best fit your needs.  Start dreaming about how to fill that living room wall, because it just got allot simpler and won't break the bank!



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