Here's the latest from Designer Pages, the online trade only design resource.  This week they visited Design Miami '08.  Tom Dixon is in the spot light again.  We're huge fans at YDF and will be carrying his products on the site through Klaus by Nienkamper.   I've also included their previous issue featuring design that they're thankful for.  Enjoy!

The Best of A+D from Design Miami

Goncalo Mabundas Weapons Chairs Design Miami: Gonçalo Mabunda's Weapons Chairs

Right on the heels of the Campana duo's re-creation of childhood fantasy, Design Miami gives us Goncalo Mabunda's re-creation of a fifteen-year-long nightmare of civil strife. Born in 1975 in Maputo, Mozambique, Mabunda's childhood was marked by the horrific backdrop of armed conflict. Mozambique's civil war was... more


Flame Live at Design Miami: Flame

We love it when we come across a designer we've previously written about exhibiting at the design show we're currently covering—and so it is with Tom Dixon and his Flame Collection. On display at Kenny Schachter's Rove gallery as part of Design Miami/Art Basel, the Flame Collection returns Dixon to his career roots: Dixon achieved design prominence... more


Max Lamb Live Video at Design Miami: Max Lamb

We're excited to present the very charming and talented Max Lamb from Design Miami 2008, exhibiting work via the Johnson Gallery of New York City. Max discusses his new Poly Dining Table and Chairs, Bronze Poly Chair (with white patina), and Delaware Bluestone Collection... more



A+D Products to be Thankful For

The Solace of Enduring Design The Solace of Enduring Design

You've heard me talk about Bauhaus and L'Esprit Nouveau in past posts. Both schools evoke significant moments in the development of modern design, as their philosophies and adherents (Miles Van der Rohe, I.M. Pei, and Alvar Aalto, to name a few) embraced an aesthetic of spare, unembellished forms and maximal functionality. more


Magnetic Curtain Magnetic Curtain 

Thanks to Chelsea Holden Baker at Frog Design, we here at 3rings have been introduced to Florian Krautli's Magnetic Curtain. Swiss designer Krautli, who is currently studying in the Netherlands (the design center of almost everything these days: check out Love you Love you not Chandelier, Pile of Suitcases, and Tennis Ball Furniture to start), wanted a curtain he could shape... more


Orchis at Hadid Exhibition Orchis at Hadid Exhibition

Right now and through December 13, 2008, you can check out architect/designer/installation artist Zaha Hadid's exhibition at the Sonnabend Gallery in New York. Having just garnered lots of attention and critical acclaim for her Chanel Contemporary Art Container (currently at Central Park), Hadid continues to surprise us with... more