There is a fantastic little Canadian company called FLUF.  They started a few years back offering pillows, and pillows alone.  Some remember them for their store front on Queen West, across from Trinity Bellwoods.  They had pillows for all styles; big ones little ones, shabby and chic.  They were an instant success, and began focusing on wholesaling to meet the demands.    

Their collection has streamlined in terms of style and expanded on product offerings and is now the perfect little mix of solids and prints, with coordinating fabrics available by the yard and a few fantastic furniture type pieces to round it all out.  Behind the scenes are two gals with unwavering attention to detail and standards; One with a law background and the other an Interior Designer.  They have what it takes to get it done.  This was another example of me pulling from my past for YDF.  I worked with Terra, the Interior Design half of the duo, at the design firm many years ago.  We were both young and focused, and had a mutual respect for the others design and business sense.  I've been following and enjoying her FLUF creations for years and knew I had to have her as part of my launch suppliers on YDF.  Both gals are mothers and take great care to ensure their products are as earth and user friendly as possible.  Not that being a mother makes for an environmentalist, but in this case it sure doesn't hurt.

Here is a bit of their environmental story: 

·  All of their fabrics are printed, and all of our products are sewn or manufactured, in Toronto, Canada

·  Products are all hand-made

·  All FLUF fabrics are printed on an unbleached blend of organic hemp and cotton

·  They use only water-based, heavy-metal free, biodegradable dyes

·  They source fabrics that are organic or chemical-free, naturally biodegradable or manufactured with a "reduced environmental impact", wherever possible

·  Their cushions are sold with an optional biodegradable, soy-based fill (in place of the natural feather insert)

 ·  They  use recycled and/or recyclable packaging

·  They use foam that is locally manufactured and free of off-gassing and chemical flame retardants (PBDE's); we also offer biodegradable soy-based foam for any foam product

I will be carrying their cushions in a standard 20 x 20 size along with their furniture pieces.  Any custom sizes or specs are available should you require more specifics for your room.