I've been really delinquent with my blogging this week.  I'm heavy into inputting product on the site and it's incredibly time consuming!  Colour options, varying views, discounts, delivery or pick up..........I dream about bar codes now.  I have loads of new products to tell you about but these things require a bit of focus and I'm afraid today I have none!  I'm right now sitting in the cafe at the Drake Hotel.  I just finished the most delicious grilled cheese with mushrooms and mango chutney.  I had a meeting at The Stephen Bulger Gallery  down the street and thought I might as well stop in for a belly full before heading on to the next.  There's free wifi here too - who knew!  I have meetings here almost weekly and never knew about the wifi......who cares right.  OK, ok, it's friday and I had a bit of a nasty business encounter this go easy on me.

I've been looking to secure a few accessory and extras suppliers.  In my quest to have a strong Canadian content I've started with Umbra. - now don't go visiting their site and buying everything up!  That defeats the purpose of me telling you to buy from me!  I will be carrying their full line including the Umbra +.  I'm not keen on warehousing much stock myself to start with and they have strict online retail rules.  I can only feature an item if I have already purchased and warehoused it.  This may be a bit of a pain to start but keep that in mind so if there is something you want from them and it's not on my site - no problem.  Let me know your needs and I will order it for you!

Umbra strives to offer original designs that fill our everyday needs.  I use them all the time for washroom hardware like towel bars, hooks, and TP holders.  They have a great cross section of styles and finishes and the pricing is accessible.  They introduced the Umbra + line which I think has some fantastic options.  High design pieces like the Biblioteca Bookcase and Rolly Desk really fit a broad range of styles.  The Vesta fireplace screen and Fuega accessories are sleek and minimal enough to do as they should, blend with a contemporary fireplace. 

Umbra's accessories like picture frames and photo albums are likely the most recognizable and readily available.  I will feature a select few of these but can always get specifics if need be.

Have a boo at the products I've chosen to feature today but do check out their site for the full selection.  I am ordering in advance of the site launch so if you need any holiday gifts or home touch ups in the next few weeks message me and I will order it for you.  Shipping time is 3 days so meeting a holiday deadline is no problem.

Happy Friday! YDF - Melissa